How to Find Senior Travel Groups Near You

What better way to boost your happiness than by traveling with like-minded individuals? Going on vacations and exploring new destinations has been linked to improved mental health and wellness. Touring has become part of most people’s lifestyles, even seniors. But how can you find senior travel groups near you? Here’s a detailed list of ideas to help you find companions, from faith-based programs to online forums. 

Religious Organizations

Faith-based travel programs offer many benefits, apart from a strong sense of belonging. You can grow spiritually and reconnect with nature while exploring new destinations. Go ahead and ask acquaintances, family, or friends who are in the same church, synagogue, or other religious institution to help you form a group.

These religious setups usually have elderly seniors’ travel programs designed to cater to their members’ needs. You will experience and share values with a like-minded group. You can benefit in more ways than one:

Social Interactions: Most religious institutions have excellent social networks. Travel groups can create groups of like-minded individuals. You can form and foster new friendships while discussing spiritual issues.

Spiritual Retreats: Another benefit is you can connect with the group members while visiting religious places. Some popular destinations include the Western Wall, the Church of the religious Sepulchre, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Dome of the Rock, and the Great Mosque of Mecca.

Online Forums and Websites

Reliable travel tour companies can help you find a group to travel with. After identifying some top companies, go ahead and check the reviews. This will help you get a better idea of their services, conflict resolution, reputation, and up-to-date or real-time information.

Be sure to choose a tour company that:

Specializes with older tourists: Check if the tour agent offers a travel itinerary for seniors of different age groups. You can book a vacation based on your activity levels, mental capacity, and physical limitations.

Read comments and reviews: Search for discussions about accommodation, guides, value for money, refund policy, and the overall worth of the travel agency. Reputable agencies often have active social media pages that address concerns, criticisms, questions, and more. Call the travel agency directly and ask questions to know more about the tours offered.

Facebook Groups

Senior Travel Groups Near You

Facebook groups connect individuals with common ideas and interests. You can connect with people in your local community or around the globe. In these groups, you can ask locals questions, get new ideas, have a good laugh about travel mishaps, and even vent.

In travel Facebook groups, you can meet seniors from countries such as Canada, the Netherlands, and the UAE. To find relevant groups, use keywords such as “senior travel,” “elderly travel,” or “retirement travel.” Facebook will display the top active Facebook groups first, and you can choose which one to join.

Cruise Companies

Most cruise companies also connect individuals looking to form senior travel groups. This is because most solo travelers contact them to inquire about group travel and activities. So, if you’re searching for travel companions, this is a great place to start. 

Most cruise companies help senior travel groups with 15 individuals or more to plan every detail of their vacation, down to the smallest details. They plan parties, excursions, dining arrangements, and even group shore excursions. You can also book private shore games, scavenger hunts, or even a destination wedding anniversary. 

Your Local Library

Lastly, you can find a travel buddy by starting a conversation at the library. Bookstores are more than just havens for different genres of books. They are great platforms for travel discussions, workshops, seminars, and lectures.

Attend presentations that discuss cultural experiences, exciting tours, or specialized trips for different age groups. These talks can help you meet seniors with similar interests and locations. Don’t miss discussions on senior tours with attendees already in active senior travel groups.

A Word of Caution

Finding a senior travel group near you is a lot easier if you follow the above tips. You’ll enjoy an exciting vacation with seniors sharing similar beliefs and interests. Whether you find travel buddies at a faith-based organization or a Facebook group, the most important thing is to book your trip with a legitimate travel agency. Never send your money to an individual. That way, you’ll plan your trip with peace of mind. 

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