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We’re a group of happy retirees who are committed to sharing valuable insights and guidance to help you make the most of retirement. We have a wealth of experience and are passionate about helping fellow seniors navigate this fulfilling phase. With our guidance and support, you’ll have a fulfilling and rewarding retirement. 

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Alice M.

Business Expert and Creative

Alice is a writer and editor for Gainful Retirement. She is passionate about helping retirees live fulfilling lives without financial constraints. She puts a lot of time and effort conducting market research to identify common issues faced by retirees. Her passion is to help you enjoy retirement and solve the most pressing issues you face. Learn more about Alice here

Purity M. 

Financial Expert

Purity is passionate about numbers and precision, which is what makes her a skilled financial consultant. Throughout her career, she has navigated complex financial landscapes and now spends time simplifying finance for individuals and businesses alike. From offering investment insights to retirement planning, her mission is to steer retirees toward financial prosperity and peace of mind. Learn more about Purity here