The Best Electronic Games for Seniors Without Internet: 12 Options

According to the National Institutes for Health, approximately 40% of seniors (65 and up) experience memory loss. One of the best ways to prevent memory loss is to keep your brain active. Past research carried out by the National Institute of Aging revealed that video games can boost cognitive health in older adults. Don’t have internet? Don’t worry! Here are the best electronic games for seniors without an internet connection.


Solitaire is a game of cognitive exercise that’s perfect for older adults who love card games. It’s suitable for all ages and stimulates the mind, helping strengthen cognitive skills. Play solitaire every day to train your short-term memory skills and stimulate your cognitive abilities.

Words with Friends

This multiplayer computer word game lets players take turns building words in a crossword-puzzle style. It’s similar to Scrabble and even has similar rules. Start playing the easy-to-learn game and strengthen your vocabulary knowledge. The mentally stimulating and entertaining brain puzzles will keep your brain–and your friends’–engaged.

Candy Crush

This is one of the most popular electronic games of all time and is loved by many seniors. Playing Candy Crush can improve mental agility. Successfully completing each game gives you a dopamine rush, keeping you motivated and focused. As you play, the game gets harder, exercising your brain more.  The wins (and the bursts of dopamine) become more intermittent.


Best Electronic Games for Seniors Without Internet

Playing sudoku is simple. You must fill a 9×9 square with numbers from 1-9. You can’t repeat numbers in each line either horizontally or vertically. There are 3×3 squares already marked out which can’t have any repeat numbers either. The electronic game of sudoku is more exciting because you don’t need any pens or to keep track of where you are in a game book.


An electronic chess board provides a convenient way to play chess. You can practice alone or compete against others while keeping track of your progress. It’s a great way for you to perfect your skills and get better at chess.


An electronic crossword puzzle is excellent for seniors as it engages the eyes and the mind. It helps you recall facts, boosting your concentration ability and memory function. A past Science Daily article revealed that regular crosswords and number puzzles are linked to a sharper brain in later life. The University of Exeter echoes the findings, saying word and number puzzles increased mental acuity in older adults. 


Scrabble is a word game that will expand your vocabulary and improve your literacy skills. The game also tests your memory. You’ll be forced to learn more words from the dictionary so you can use them in-game. Scrabble is one of the best brain games for older adults because it helps you to think strategically.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Electronic Games for the Elderly Without Internet

A jigsaw puzzle exercises your brain and improves your problem-solving skills. It calls for patience and concentration and boosts your focus and attention span. As you figure out how the pieces fit together, you’ll enhance your analytical skills. Play this game to improve your critical thinking, cognitive skills, and logical reasoning.


In a past study by the National Institutes for Health, edlerly adults with mild cognitive impairment who played mahjong for 12 weeks improved executive function. Playing mahjong can improve your short-term memory, attention, and logical thinking skills. Playing mahjong in a group can also promote communication between you and other seniors.


Electronic bingo increases your mental flexibility and alertness because you must be mentally alert and aware of the numbers on your card. Flexibility is built into the game; you can change your cards before each draw of numbers and keep track of more cards.


Checkers is a great game for developing your strategic thinking. You’ll have to analyze the board, identify problems, and devise strategic solutions. This cognitive exercise boosts your problem-solving skills in the real world.

Love word games, here’s another electronic game you can play if you don’t have internet. Apart from boosting your problem-solving skills and spelling, it will also help improve your grasp of English. You will learn new words, increase your vocabulary, and feel smarter. This game works on your overall brain power, whether it’s your memory or your problem-solving skills.

Get Your Game On!

The best thing about electronic games is that they have no age limit. So, whenever you want to relax or simply exercise your brain, get an electronic game and enjoy the many benefits it offers. Who knows, you may even learn a new skill as you play the game regularly. Also, encourage your friends to play the games as well. The more, the merrier! Have fun, and let your brain stay active each and every day.

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