What Does a Med Tech Do At An Assisted Living Facility?

Most assisted living facilities have medical technicians who help residents with some activities of daily living (ADLs). Med techs (medical technicians) provide seniors with the care they need. As healthcare becomes more complex, they ensure the well-being of seniors at assisted living facilities. This blog covers what a med tech does at an assisted living facility.  

What is a Med Tech? 

A Med Tech is a professional who provides medical care and assistance to patients in medical settings. They expertly use medical equipment and technology and work closely with physicians to ensure accurate diagnoses of medical conditions. 

Med techs in assisted living help residents with activities of daily living, such as administering medication, bathing, dressing, grooming, and other related care. They work with other professionals like nutritionists and physical therapists to ensure that all patients’ needs are catered for. 

What Does a Med Tech Do In An Assisted Living Facility?

Assist With Activities Of Daily Living (ADLs)

Medical technicians assist residents with their everyday needs. They offer emotional support, help with personal care, hygiene maintenance, or leisure activities. By providing vital care, they help seniors lead happier and healthier lives.

Monitor Vital Signs and Keep Records 

Med Techs monitor the vital signs of residents at assisted living facilities, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. They monitor changes in physical health or behavior and keep records of this vital information. 

Med Tech At Assisted Living

Medication Management 

Helping residents take medications is one key role of med techs in assisted living. They accurately administer medication as directed by physicians and keep records of residents’ medications. 

Provide Basic Wound Care 

Med Techs have many responsibilities in assisted living. Their duties include providing first aid, dressing wounds, and performing CPR. They also offer critical wound care to residents recovering from physical trauma or injury. They also ensure that interventions are performed quickly.

Performing Basic Laboratory Tests 

In big hospitals, medical technologists perform complex biological, microbiological, and chemical tests on patient samples. But in assisted living, they perform basic laboratory tests, such as blood glucose and urinalysis tests. They then submit test results to nurses or physicians. 

Assist with Mobility 

In assisted living, medical technicians have a broader scope of practice and help with many aspects of care, such as assisting with mobility. They help move residents with mobility issues in and out of bed, chairs, and wheelchairs. They also plan transportation for residents to medical appointments.

Participate In Care Planning

Medical technicians help nurses and doctors make informed decisions regarding treatment plans for residents. They are often involved in individualized care planning and implementation. In some assisted living facilities, med techs help develop and monitor meal plans, fluid intake, and wellness programs.

Communicate with Staff and Family Members

Since medical technicians monitor the physical and mental health status of residents, they are responsible for updating facility staff and family members on the progress of residents. They must communicate changes in residents’ condition or behavior to the administration and family members.

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