10 Funny Things About Getting Older–Memoirs of a Funny Senior

Getting older is part of life. While we all want to age gracefully, it’s not always the reality. One day you may get out of bed and hear your joints crack or start to gradually forget things. Getting old isn’t for the faint of heart; it is also a great privilege denied to many.  

So, what’s the best way to stay young at heart? Maintaining a lifelong sense of humor. Laughing at universal issues that accompany aging can bring joy to your heart. According to a senior comedian who has seen it all, Alice, here are 10 funny things about getting old. 

You Stop Growing At Both Ends And Start Growing In The Middle

Nothing prepares you for getting old. One day, you realize you’re no longer tall and handsome–or fair and petite—and that your waistline has decided to outshine all the other body parts.

You Cough, Fart, Sneeze, and Pee At The Same Time

While this isn’t the reality for most old people, it sure puts a smile on your face. Can you imagine doing all these four things at the same time? Some things you just have to experience to believe.

When Your Joints Play a Symphony in the Morning

Love symphonies? Thanks to your bones, you may be making your own original compositions every morning. Cracking joints are normal and harmless, and they’ll give you a reason to smile every morning.

When You’re Told To Slow Down By Your Doctor and Not The Police

Having lots of fun just as you did in your youthful days? Your next visit to the doctor could put a damper on your plans. But the good news is it will be your doctor telling you to slow things down, not the police.

When The Only Females Who Pursue You Are Mosquitoes

While only female mosquitoes bite people to get food, you may become more attractive to them as you get older.

You Knew When The Dead Sea Was Only Sick

You know you’ve lived long enough if you can remember when the Dead Sea was sick and not dead. Ah, the good old days!

When You Go To The Beach And Turn Blue From Holding Your Stomach In

Blue, what a wonderful color! It’s also the color you turn when you hold your stomach in for a long time at the beach.

When The Candles Cost More Than The Cake

Turning 90 or 100 years? Congratulations on the milestone! The candles on your cake might cost more than the cake itself, though, which is a great thing if you love candles.

When You See Expensive Antiques and Remember One That You Threw Away

You may visit an antique store one day and see expensive antiques that were useless trash in your day. Then you may start thinking how you’d be a millionaire now if only you’d kept them.

The most popular songs from your youth are now oldies that play on the elevator. Or you only hear them on the radio when you tune into a station for older listeners.

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