Best Adult Coloring Books and Designs

In a past research study, participants who colored had reduced anxiety and depression at the end of the study. Coloring designs and books are no longer just for kids; they are some of the bestselling products on Amazon. They are a great tool for lowering stress levels and boosting mental health.

Unlike children’s coloring books, adult coloring books feature intricate patterns of artwork, flowers, animals, or mandalas. You can purchase some of the books we’ve recommended here for a fulfilling experience. Channel your inner artist, enhance your inner peace, and de-stress with these adult coloring books. 

Adult Coloring Pages

Best Adult Coloring Book for Relaxing

The 100 Amazing Patterns Coloring Book has lots of relaxing and easy-to-color patterns—flowers, floral patterns, animals, geometric shapes, and more. The multiple themes ensure you always have something different to color every day. Pick a theme and get started right away!

Best Adult Coloring Book for Stress Relief

The Stress Relief Coloring Book features 60 coloring pages with different themes—from animals to landscapes. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and create a peaceful sanctuary as you color and explore new designs and patterns. Each page is filled with creations waiting for a burst of color to come to life.

Best Adult Coloring Book: Flowers Theme

The 100 Flowers Coloring Book will help you show off your love for flowers in a whole new way. Say goodbye to stress as you effortlessly fill pages with gorgeous colors. This book features popular flowers and flower arrangements and gives you plenty of room to create your own creations. Let your imagination run wild, and use colors to express yourself!

Best Large Print Adult Coloring Book

The Large Print Easy Color & Frame Adult Coloring Book is an excellent choice if you find the patterns on regular coloring books too small. You won’t have to strain your eyes as this book features 31 relaxing coloring designs with large print images. They range in complexity, so you can keep challenging yourself every day.

In the Forest Adult Coloring Book

The In the Forest Adult Coloring Book is perfect for seniors who love animals and nature. Rediscover the simple joy of coloring and spend your days filling the whimsical coloring pages of this book with color. Bring to life forest scenes, animals, and flowers. Enhance your imagination with each page and enjoy every moment in the forest!

5 Benefits of Adult Coloring

Adult Coloring Designs

It Relaxes Your Brain

Coloring is an awesome way to relax your brain. It quiets your mind and prevents negative thoughts from intruding.‌ Coloring also gives your brain a workout​​. When you’re focused on the activity, your right and left brain hemispheres unite to complete the task. Your creativity and logic increase as you choose the colors to use and color forms and shapes.  

Relieves Stress

Coloring is a great way to manage stress. Because the activity requires attention to detail, you stop focusing on things that induce stress and pay attention to the task at hand. ‌Set aside time to color every day to reminisce about your wonderful childhood and relax.

It Can Help You Sleep Better

Research shows that using your phone right before bed is more likely to cause poor sleep. But coloring before bed has the opposite effect. Spend time coloring before bed to help your body get ready for sleep. Electronic devices produce blue light, which can interfere with your body’s production of melatonin, an essential hormone that helps you prepare for sleep.

It Improves Motor Skills

Coloring is common in preschool and elementary classrooms because it helps improve fine motor skills. But doctors also say the activity is an effective therapy intervention for adults grappling with the natural aging process. Coloring exercises your motor skills because you have to keep your hand steady, so shaking and tremors may be reduced. You may find brushing your teeth or holding a cup of coffee easier.

It’s Pleasurable

There’s no defined outcome for coloring, so you can color inside or outside the lines. Just have fun! Let go of judgments or expectations and enjoy the activity. Remember, the more you do it, the better you’ll get. Kids never worry about making a mess; they only want to have fun. Find enjoyment and relaxation in coloring.

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